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Matthew D. Pagel
Genetics Student
At UW-Madison
(And Downright Nice Guy)

Hi there! Welcome to my Wonderful Homepage
You might wonder, "What the hell is with the name of this homepage?"

I am a sixth year Genetics and Computer Science student at the University of Wisconsin

Well, the DMV strikes again. Apparantly they've decided that I'm Amish

Read the Story of Evil Eye

Get a (different) cool DNA movie

I am an emeritus member of WisPIRG, an environmental group on campuses throughout the country. I have worked on the Toxic Right to Know Campaign, the Crandon Mining issue as well as being the leader of a group that is focusing on the effects of a national forest merger in Wisconsin on the environment

My e-mail address is pagel@cs.wisc.edu

Yes, I do have a family. To furthur describe my family life, I will direct your attention to this link

As I am quite the chick-magnet, I will allow you to view some Naked Chicks!!!

In our free-time former roommate and I oftentimes engaged in pointless e-mail, in the same room. For example there is Atrocious Amounts of Alliteration and Assonance (last update=10/27/'98)

Fun and Games
See my "links" page (includes my classes, and several self-designed pages as well as just traditional links)
Cool (Humorous) Quotes
The toughest chess opponent I have ever faced (human or computer)

Coming Attractions:
We have none. Perhaps the wonders of Tripp Hall.
Note to the reader: My links page is fast becoming the dominant page due to the ease of editing it. Please visit it.

Number of Times this site has been accessed since the time that Geocities decided to remove the page without explaination.
I had over 1 billion hits at the old address:(

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