Interesting Articles and Web Sites

A Farewell To Cops. Dilip Chitre, 23 April, 2004.
The Seven Broken Guardrails of Democracy. David Frum, 31 May 2016.

The Empire:
Shooting an Elephant. George Orwell, 1936.
Can occupation ever work?. Amitav Ghosh, 7 April 2003.

Voting Machines:
No Confidence Vote. Robert X. Cringely, 4 December 2003.
Follow the Money. Robert X. Cringely, 11 December 2003.

User Interfaces:
Deal With It. John Gruber, 23 March 2007.

Silicon Superstitions. Jef Raskin, ACM Queue, January 2004.

A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy. Clay Shirky, April 2003.

Privacy Under Attack. Eben Moglen, The Guardian. May 2014.
Homeland Insecurity. Charles C. Mann, The Atlantic. September 2002.
The China Syndrome. Paul Krugman, The New York Times. May 2003.

A Person Paper on Purity in Language. William Satire (alias Douglas R. Hofstadter).

Dihydrogen Monoxide:
Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division
Hydrogen Hydroxide: Now More Than Ever!
Dihydrogen monoxide (Wikipedia)
Dihydrogen Monoxide (WikiWikiWeb)
Something in the dihydrogen monoxide. Dan Glaister, The Guardian, 24 March 2004.

The Cult of Authenticity. Vikram Chandra, Boston Review, Feb/Mar 2000.

The Altars of Constructs. Sanat Mohanty, 2005.

Greetings fellow pirates! Cory Doctorow, June 2004.
Ebooks: Neither E, Nor Books. Cory Doctorow, O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference, 2004.

The Country of Muslims. N Kunju, Nov 2006.
The madness within us. Ashwin Mahesh.
Time for the Trump. Dilip D'Souza.
To Civilisation, Take 2. Dilip D'Souza.
To Civilisation, If I Can Find Her. Dilip D'Souza.
No Fault Of Mine. Dilip D'Souza.
South Africa still divided. Allan Little, BBC.
Middle East's circle of despair. Hilary Andersson, BBC.
Going back to Romania. Oana Lungescu, BBC.
F is a dirty word. Pritish Nandy.
Shall We Leave it to the Experts?. Arundhati Roy.
Up On The Dam. Dilip D'Souza.
The Story of a Petition. Dilip D'Souza.
Death of a Soldier. Dilip D'Souza.
The Dark Side of Patriotism. Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar.
Other Myths to "internalise". Varsha Bhosle.
Darkness on The Edge of War. Dilip D'Souza.
Shamed by the Name Game. Dilip D'Souza.
Can We Please Not Give A Damn About Cricket?. Dilip D'Souza.

Articles by Dilip D'Souza (Rediff on the Net)
Sulekha: Article Archives
BBC: From Our Own Correspondent
Project Gutenberg - Fine Literature Digitally Re-published

Lament for Douglas Adams. Richard Dawkins

Epigrams in Programming. Alan J. Perlis, September 1982.

The Anti-Mac Interface
Rootless Root: The Unix Koans of Master Foo
No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering - Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
Free Software: Freedom and Cooperation - Richard M. Stallman
The Right to Read - Richard Stallman
Philosophy of the GNU Project
The Rise of "Worse is Better" - Richard P. Gabriel
Anarchism Triumphant: Free Software and the Death of Copyright
In the Beginning was the Command Line - Neal Stephenson
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
The Jargon File (or The New Hacker's Dictionary)
The Jargon File - A better looking version
The Programmers' Stone

Why a Penguin? - Linus Torvalds
Origin of Species: A History of O'Reilly Animals - Edie Freedman, O'Reilly Creative Director

Adbusters: The Magazine
The Benefits and Hazards of the Philosophy of Ayn Rand - Nathaniel Branden
The Onion: America's Finest News Source

Eyewitness: Serbia after the war
Sierra Leone: Worse than Kosovo? - daily letters from a woman in Belgrade
Sleeping with the Enemy - By BBC world affairs editor John Simpson who was in Belgrade during the war
Reflections on NATO and Kosovo - Stephen Shalom
US Policy: Rogue States - Noam Chomsky