Research Project

The research project will count towards 40% of your grade in this class. The goal of the project is work on a research problem, which can be of theoretical or practical nature. Your project may involve an implementation of a theoretical algorithm or techique, an application of database techniques to a problem in your research area (or a different research area), or a venture into a problem in database theory. You can either come up with your own project, or you can meet with me to discuss about project ideas. You can work in groups of up to 3 members.


  • Deliverable 1 (9/29): Groups Send an email with (i) the members of your group, which will be cc'ed in the email and (ii) a few tentative ideas you are considering for the project.

  • Deliverable 2 (10/13): Project proposal Submit to Canvas a 1-page proposal that includes (i) the title of the project, (ii) a short description of the problem you propose to solve, (iii) a brief outline of how you will approach the problem, and how you will evaluate your results. Do not forget to include a list of references!

  • Deliverable 3 (11/10): Milestone Submit to Canvas a 2-3 page document that extends your project proposal. The milestons should include (i) a more detailed description of the problem, (ii) related work, (iii) your progress so far and the unexpected issues you have encountered, and (iv) a brief plan for how you plan to continue your project.

  • Deliverable 4 (12/5, 12/10): Project presentation The project presentations will count towards 10% of your total grade. Each group will be given 8-15 minutes (depending on the size of the group).

  • Deliverable 5 (12/15): Final report Submit to Canvas. The final report should be modeled like a typical conference paper. There is no formal length requirement, but a good target would be 6-8 pages in double column format.