Welcome to Peidong Wang's page.

Hi! I'm Peidong.

I am a junior at University of Wisconsin-Madison double majoring in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences and Applied Mathematics with a certificate in Computer Sciences.

I am a fan of traveling, nature exploring, photography, and cooking.

My favorite place is Antarctica, since I like cold weather. So I came to University of Wisconsin-Madison, since it was the coolest place that I have ever applied.

Computer Science 200 Teaching Assistant

Course Webpage

Lab Sections:

Lab 311 (CS 1350)

Lab 312 (CS 1350)

Lab 314 (CS 1350)

Office Hour:

Mon 3:00 - 4:00 (CS 1358)

Mon 5:30 - 6:30 (CS 1350 & 1370)

Undergraduate Research Assistant

I started doing research with Prof. Tracey Holloway at UW-Madison on air quality since fall 2016. Currently I am focusing on characterizing ambient formaldehyde over U.S. by comparing ground based monitor data with satellite data.

2006-2015 Average Ambient Formaldehyde over U.S. from OMI

Computer Science:    Python    Java    Matlab    NCL    HTML    Linux/Unix

Editing:    LaTex    Microsoft Word    Microsoft Excel    Microsoft PowerPoint

Design:    Adobe Photoshop    Adobe Illustrator

Familiar data in atmospheric science:    CMAQ model data    AQS monitor data    OMI satellite data    MODIS satellite data