Varsha Pendyala

Graduate Student @ UW Madison

About Me

I am a graduate student at UW Madison. My research broadly focuses on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and specifically on Adverserial Learning.
I currently work with Prof. Somesh Jha and Prof. Kassem Fawaz.
Prior to joining UW Madison, I worked with Qualcomm India, Hyderabad on bluetooth firmware development.
I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad in 2017.


  • Research Assistant @ UW Madison (PI: Prof. Somesh Jha) Beginning Summer 2019
  • Teaching Assistant @ UW Madison (CS 537) - Spring 2019
  • Teaching Assistant @ UW Madison (MATH 234) - Fall 2018
  • Associate Engineer @ Qualcomm India - 2017-2018