On-line JavaTM Data Traces

By Milo M. Martin and Manoj Plakal

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Java interpreter patch now publicly available


We have made available data memory access traces for the analysis of the cache behavior of Java programs.  The traces are in Dinero cache simulator format and distinguish between heap and procedure local call stack accesses.  To assist in comparing Java to C++, traces of identical programs coded in C++ have also been made available for some of the programs traced.  

The Java traces are not simply traces of the Java interpreter running these programs.  The traces were generated by modifying the Java interpreter supplied with Sun's Java Development Kit (JDK Version 1.0.2) to produce a trace of the data memory references made by the Java byte-codes.  We believe these traces to be representative of the data memory accesses that a hardware implementation of the JVM would perform.  These traces might also be a good indicator of the typical behavior of Java programs that have been compiled without optimizations.

For clarifications/suggestions concerning these traces, please contact Milo Martin (milo@cs.wisc.edu) or Manoj Plakal (plakal@cs.wisc.edu).

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[note]Last updated on Feb 29 1996