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Yes, folks, this is The Page of The Class. The people you'll reach from this page all happened to come together in July 1992, at IIT Kanpur. And four years later, parted ways to take the places where you'll find them. All of us share more than an alma mater, more than just those alleys and aisles of LHC, more than the pillars and shelves of the lib, more than the array of vt220s and the four elemnts of firmament, more than the spirals of the FacB and more than just the graffiti in the corridors of the halls. The lectures, the tutorials, the wooden seats, the fountains, the books, the system crashes, the mess, yes, were all there. So were those nightly gaali sessions, the night-outs in the CC, the sessions in the canteen..... everything formed a memorable part of the four years we spent together.

To borrow from Sheshadri's alt.boring.article,"When I look back now, I realize how depressed I was with all the talk about 'ikkas' and 'bikkas' (now we talk of the 'fukkas' and 'dikkas'), the dingy bogs, the canteen exhaust, then the noisy stinking mess, the queuing up for egg curry with the cream rolls on gloomy Sunday evenings with dishwater (hot please) for tea. That I have survived this ordeal is in itself worthy of some award in endurance. The long corridors lit at places, the million of insects, the cycles parked at random, the hall office withthe undelivered mail, the sweepers in their obscene shorts, the soggy quad, the endless bulla sessions in the room are all the memories I have now...."

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Shyam Sunder Singh
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 03:56:24 -0400
From: Sandeep Rajput 
Subject: Shyam Sunder Singh and Leukemia

Shyam died on May 26th, 2002, of acute mylogenous leukemia. He was admitted on
Memorial day 2001 near Atlanta, GA. After showing strong signs of recovery in
November 2001, and strength of will and defiance all through the excrutiating
experience of pain and despair that leukemia is, he died one day before the
2002 Memorial Day.

His leukemia was very acute. For comparison, the 'average' 5-year survival
rate for leukemia in general is 47% (for americans, with treatment). We became
aware of the dearth of South Asians registered for donating marrow. Marrow
from South Asians is 100 times more likely to save (say) an Indian's life
through Bone Marrow Transplant than is the typical 'white/caucausian' marrow.
To register, marrow is not drawn. One only has to donate 3-5 ml blood.

The support received from IITians in general and from the '96 batch in
particular was very heartening. Manish Khatri (MSc '97) and Sanjay mostly
managed the funds for Shyam's recovery. Thanks to everyone. And also,
redundantly, life is short, very short.

A regular Comprehensive Blood Test (CBT) costs less than $30, and is
recommended every other year. For your information, Shyam didn't drink, smoke
or do drugs. He didn't drink tea or coffee, and was a vegetarian. And for
those of you who knEw him, no postscript is necessary. Leukemia spares no one.

Sandeep Rajput (BT ChE 1996)

PS: I have Shyam's musings during his leukemic period. I hope to streamline 
them and post them on my website sometime soon. Once again, thank your for the
solidarity and sense of belonging shown by IIT-ians. Shyam and were roommates
during the '92-'93 academic year, and friends afterwards.

Sandeep Rajput,
Ph.D. Student and GRA,
Chemical Engineering, UT Knoxville
(O) 865 974 3309 (R) 865 946 5453

An earlier appeal for funding of Shyam's treatment:

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 17:55:35 -0400                                                     
From: "Khatri, Manish K (FUSA)" <>                        
To: "''" <>              
Cc: "'Rupali'" <>                              
Subject: RE: Help needed...saving a IIT-K alumni from blood cancer                        
Dear All,                                                                                 
As many of you may already know, one of our friends, Shyam (IIT-K M.Sc Chem;              
'92-'97) is fighting blood cancer for past 10 months. He was being treated                
in US (Atlanta) but moved to CMC, Chennai last week due to lack of funds.                 
The doctors have given him a life-expectancy of 4-5 weeks and his treatment               
needs to go real fast.                                                                    
To enable that we are running short of funds. The total amount needed is                  
$30,000 and we have gathered $15,000 till now.                                            
The last bucket of funds is our IIT-K crowd - basically you guys and the                  
guys whom you would forward this email to.                                                
We really look forward to your contributions.                                             
Please mail your contributions to any of the below two address in the name                
of Rupali Shanker (my sister) or myself.                                                  
Once we have all the money we would try and channel it through some                       
non-profit org. so we could get some tax rebate (30%) and add that rebate to              
the total amount from our side - basically 10 would become 13.  
You could visit to  
know better about who he is.                                                              
Any other help - in terms of some infrastructure support in Chennai will be               
highly appreciated.                                                                       
Please call me for queries.                                                               
If you could let me know in advance (via email) about your contributions we               
will be able to manage our funds better.                                                  
Manish Kr. Khatri                                                                         
550 S Dupont Pkwy                                                                         
Apt. 10K, New Castle,                                                                     
Rupali Shanker                                                                            
8763 Navidad Court                                                                        
Irving , TX - 75063                                                                       

(302) 322 5252 (res.)                                                                     
(302) 540 7581 (cell)                                                                     
(302) 282 7448 (off.)                                                                     
Shyam' whereabouts in Chennai:                                                            
CMC Chennai                                                                               
Phone number 011 91 416222102/416223603 extn. 2072                                        
Shyam's own account in Atlanta                                                            
Bank Route : 061191848; Account number: 009060433132                                      

[note] Last updated on Feb 29 1996