SubNetIO - a FlowScan module for reporting on campus traffic I/O by subnet


   $ flowscan SubNetIO

or in

   ReportClasses SubNetIO


SubNetIO is a flowscan report for reporting on flows of traffic in and out of specific subnets within a site or campus. It is implemented as a class derived from CampusIO, so you run either CampusIO or SubNetIO, not both, since SubNetIO inherits all the functionality of CampusIO. For instance, in your

   ReportClasses SubNetIO


SubNetIO's configuration file is This configuration file is located in the directory in which the flowscan script resides.

The SubNetIO configuration directives include:

This directive is required. It is a a comma-seperated list of files containing the definitions of the subnets on which you'd like to report. E.g.:

   # SubnetFiles our_subnets.boulder
   SubnetFiles bin/our_subnets.boulder

This directive is required. It is the directory in which RRD files will be written. E.g.:

   # OutputDir /var/local/flows/graphs
   OutputDir graphs

This directive is optional. If non-zero, it makes flowscan more verbose with respect to messages and warnings. Currently the values 1 and 2 are understood, the higher value causing more messages to be produced. E.g.:

   # Verbose (OPTIONAL, non-zero = true)
   Verbose 1

This directive is optional. It's use requires the HTML::Table perl module. TopN is the number of entries to show in the tables that will be generated in HTML top reports. E.g.:

   # TopN (OPTIONAL)
   TopN 10

If you'd prefer to see hostnames rather than IP addresses in your top reports, use the ip2hostname script. E.g.:

   $ ip2hostname -I *.*.*.*_*.html

This directive is optional. It is used to specify the file name prefix for the HTML ``Top Talkers'' reports. You should use strftime(3) format specifiers in the value, and it may also specify sub-directories. If not set, the prefix defaults to the null string, which means that, every five minutes, subsequent reports will overwrite the previous. E.g.:

   # Preserve one day of HTML reports using the time of day as the dir name:
   ReportPrefixFormat html/SubNetIO/%H:%M/


   # Preserve one month by using the day of month in the dir name (like sar(1)):
   ReportPrefixFormat html/SubNetIO/%d/%H:%M_



Dave Plonka

Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Dave Plonka. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


The version number is the module file RCS revision number ($Revision: 1.27 $) with the minor number printed right justified with leading zeroes to 3 decimal places. For instance, RCS revision 1.1 would yield a package version number of 1.001.

This is so that revision 1.10 (which is version 1.010), for example, will test greater than revision 1.2 (which is version 1.002) when you want to require a minimum version of this module.