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[TXT]iftop 26-Nov-2003 15:47 17K 

iftop top interfaces in real time, similarly to the way the Unix top command displays top CPU processes.
This script is a quick hack based on by Simon Leinen, which is supplied with his SNMP in Perl.

Here is a sample "screenshot" from the command iftop -v2c -P r-peer:
r-peer               interval 10.0s 57 reps
ix  name                         pkts/s     pkts/s description
                                     in        out
27  at-0/1/0.11                   56.5k      68.5k Commodity link to Wiscnet @ M
13  at-0/1/0                      47.8k      57.5k WAN Connections to WN/I2/AADS
53  ge-0/0/0                      45.7k      39.6k Gig to sh-cssc-b280c-1
59  ge-0/0/0.1500                 39.7k      36.0k Connection to sh-cssc-b280c-1
15  at-1/1/0                      20.3k      13.1k Campus Backbone Port to ASX40
37  ge-1/0/0.34                   18.0k      18.3k Campus Webcache Ingress/Egres
14  ge-1/0/0                      17.6k      18.0k Gig to e-csscb380-2 port 1/1
32  ge-0/0/0.488                  10.5k       8.8k Resnet to Internet Link
26  at-1/1/0.23                    9.8k       6.7k Connection to r-animal router
40  at-1/1/0.25                    6.2k       6.0k Connection to r-macc router
29  at-1/1/0.24                    6.1k       1.3k Connection to r-msc router   
36  ge-1/0/0.5                     1.4k       1.6k Madison_Local_ISP_POP
23  at-1/1/0.21                    1.2k       1.1k Connection to r-whopper route
34  at-0/1/0.18                     949         41 MREN Starlight Connection
44  at-1/1/0.27                     314        202 Connection to r-speedy
24  at-1/1/0.22                     257        196 Connection to r-peterson rout
55  at-0/1/0.51                     152         84 UChicago
61  at-0/1/0.19                     125         76 ESNet
 9  fxp1.0                           83         70
 2  fxp1                             83         68
60  ge-0/0/0.645                     11          0 IPv6 for DoIT Staff Network  
And the usage information:
Usage: iftop [-t secs] [-v (1|2c)] [-c] [-l] [-m max] [-p port] host [community]
       iftop -h

  -h           print this usage message and exit.

  -c           also use Cisco-specific variables (locIfInCrc)

  -P           poll interface unicast packet counters (rather than octets)

  -l           use 64-bit counters (requires SNMPv2 or higher)

  -t secs      specifies the sampling interval.  Defaults to 10 seconds.

  -v version   can be used to select the SNMP version.  The default
   	       is SNMPv1, which is what most devices support.  If your box
   	       supports SNMPv2c, you should enable this by passing "-v 2c"
   	       to the script.  SNMPv2c is much more efficient for walking
   	       tables, which is what this tool does.

  -m max       specifies the maxRepetitions value to use in getBulk requests
               (only relevant for SNMPv2c).

  -m port      can be used to specify a non-standard UDP port of the SNMP
               agent (the default is UDP port 161).

  host         hostname or IP address of a router

  community    SNMP community string to use.  Defaults to "public".

Dave Plonka, 26-Nov-2003