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Prasad Deshpande

Hi !! I'm a graduate student at the Computer Sciences Deparment , University of Wisconsin, Madison

Home Address
1664 Monroe St, Apt B
Madison, WI-53711
Tel : (608)-251-0732

Office Address
7366 Computer Sciences Building,
University of Wisconsin, Madison
1210 W. Dayton St.,
Madison, WI-53706
Tel : (608)-262-6624

Academic Interests

Database Systems, Theory

Research Area


Current Schedule

Summer Activities


Caching for Multi-Dimensional Data Mining Queries. SCI '01
Aggregate Aware Caching for Multi-Dimensional Queries. EDBT '00
Materialized View Selection for Multi-Cube Data Models. EDBT '00
Using a Knowledge Cache for Interactive Discovery of Association Rules. KDD '99
Materialized View Selection for Multidimensional Datasets. VLDB '98
Caching Multidimensional Queries Using Chunks . SIGMOD '98
Simultaneous Optimization and Evaluation of Multiple Dimensional Queries . SIGMOD '98
An Array-Based Algorithm for Simultaneous Multidimensional Aggregates. SIGMOD '97
Cubing Algorithms, Storage Estimation, and Storage and Processing Alternatives for OLAP. Data Engineering Bulletin '97
On the computation of multidimensional aggregates . VLDB '96
Storage estimation for multidimensional aggregates in the presence of hierarchies . VLDB '96

Some Interesting Course Projects

RPC Package for Java . Download .
A Study and Analysis of Function Inlining .


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