Pondy's Picture  

Peter Andreae (Pondy)


Phone: 262 7946 (Home: 238 3354)
Office: MSC 6795
North Charter St, Madison, WI 53706, U.S.A.

I am a visiting Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department during 2001, working with Prof Jude Shavlik in the AI group.
I am currently located with the machine learning group in the Biostatistics Department, working on a project to generate explanations of gene microarray data that would assist a scientist to make sense of a a microarray experiment.

My permanent position is in the Computer Science Group at Victoria University


My main area of interest is Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, particularly

I have several research projects that have possible projects for graduate students.

I am part of the Artificial Intelligence Group. I have supervised a number of thesis and project students in the past.

Selected Recent Publications.