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  • I've graduated with an MSEE focusing on computer architecture
  • I will be working for Advanced Micro Devices starting September 6th, 2005, in Austin, TX, in Design Verification.
  • I used to work for Miron Livny on the GLOW project.
  • I did my undergrad at a small school in Idaho, which is pretty good (from what I hear) in analog and power electronics. They do/did have a lot of graduates working for HP (aka HPaq), Intel, and Microsoft.
  • I've worked at Micron Technology and AMD (and McDonald's and Pizza Hut, but not in that order).


E-mail: phil . park AT gmail dot com

4505 Elwood Rd. Austin, TX 78722 Phone: 608.628.6255


syscall_alpha_freebsd.c - The syscall.c file for Simplescalar for the Alpha target on FreeBSD. Copy this into your simplesim-3.0/target-alpha/ directory and name it 'syscall.c'. I successfully ran `make` and `make` sim-tests on FreeBSD 4.8 and 5.2.
syscall_alpha_freebsd.c.patch - The patchfile to create the syscall.c file. Just run `patch<syscall_alpha_freebsd.c.patch` in your simplesim-3.0 directory.




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Philip S. Park

School Address:Permanent Address:
2120 University Ave. Apt. 40310121 Overland Rd.
Madison, WI 53726Boise, ID 83709
Ph: (608) 628-6255Ph: (208) 375-5977

University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin    Expected Graduation Date: May 2005
Masters of Science, Computer Engineering    GPA: 3.50/4.00 cumulative
Focus: Computer Architecture    Earned 100% of college expenses

University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho    Graduation Date: May 2003
Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering    GPA: 3.44/4.00 cumulative
Focus: Computer Architecture    Earned 100% of college expenses

Course Highlights
Parallel Computer Architecture    Advanced Computer Architecture
Compilers    Theory of Computation
VLSI Design    Operating Systems

Experience building and troubleshooting computer hardware
Languages: Perl (including CGI scripting), bash shell, C++
System administration of Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris
Software: Sendmail, GNU compilers, Apache, IIS, Sun YP
Experience with semiconductor fabrication equipment and process

Spring 2003: University of Idaho ECE Department Senior of the Year

Work Experience
Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, TX (5/2004 - 8/2004)
Co-op Engineer. Designed and modified gate-level circuits for future microprocessors.
Condor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI (1/2004 - 5/2004)
Project Assistant. Helped build and administer computing clusters for scientific simulations in the Grid Lab of Wisconsin project.
Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, TX (6/2002 - 8/2002, 5/2003 - 8/2003)
Co-op Engineer. Debugged and added features to the functional simulator for the verification group, used for future PC microprocessors.
Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, TX (1/2001 - 8/2001)
Co-op Engineer. Maintained laboratory for performance analysis and modeling for future PC microprocessors. Collected data for use in design models and coordinated with other groups and companies for work on engineering samples.
Center for Secure and Dependable Systems, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID (1/2000 - 12/2000, 8/2001 - 5/2002, 8/2002 - 5/2003)
System Administrator. Solved hardware, software, and network problems. Configured and purchased computer systems, administered and maintained with NT and UNIX accounts. Wrote and maintained documentation for procedures and policies.
Information Technology Services, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID (8/1998 - 1/2000)
Help Desk Consultant. Solved network problems and aided with account maintenance issues for faculty, staff, and students at the University of Idaho.
Pizza Hut, Boise, ID (6/1998 - 8/1998)
Delivery Driver. Delivered pizzas to local residences and businesses in Boise.
Micron Technology, Boise, ID (9/1995 - 8/1997)
Operator II. Operated and maintained semiconductor fabrication equipment, processed next generation DRAMs in pilot production department. Certified in Diffusion and cross-trained in Wet Process.
Unemployed (6/1995 - 8/1997)
McDonald's, Boise, ID (3/1993 - 6/1995)
Crew Trainer. Trained new members and coordinated operations in all basic areas of store, including cooking and customer service.