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Projects and Reports

Year Project/Report Remarks
2011 Verifying Concurrent Programs via Bounded Context-Switching and Induction [PRESENTATION] This presentation was given at Google Madison.
2011 Network Localization
This was our entry to the 2011 AIMMS MOPTA. The source files are for gams and aimms.
2011 Newton's method extended to w-continuous semirings [PDF] This project was done as part of a course on Principles of Programming Languages.
2010 Summarizing Calling Contexts
Presentation [ODP] [PPT]
Report [PS] [PDF]
The project was done as part of a course on Analysis of Software Artefacts.
2009-2010 Equilibrium concepts in game graphs [PS] [PDF] This report was submitted towards my final year project during my undergraduate study at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
2008 Verification of concurrent software [PDF] This report was submitted at the end of my undergraduate seminar.
2007 Simulation Of Computer Hardware (SOCH) [DOWNLOAD] An educational simplified computer simulator.
Needs Java.
Last tested on Feb 5, 2012.
2006 Chinese Checkers [DEFUNCT DIST][SOURCE] This is a Chinese Checkers game with a decent AI player. The source files are updated, and were tested on Linux-2.6.32 (Ubuntu distro) (Feb 2012)
2006 Hexxagon [DEFUNCT DIST] [SOURCE] This is a Hexxagon game with a decent AI player. I have not tested the source recently. You will need MzScheme to compile the project.
2008 GutenTag [OLD and DECREPIT] Here only for archival purposes. I don't even know how to get this to run any more. :(