These courses were taken during my undergraduate studies at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Semesterwise Details

Year/Semeser: 2006-07/1

Course Code Course Name
MA 103 Mathematics I
HS 101 Economics
CH 115 Chemistry Lab I
PH 115 Physics Lab I
CH 101 Chemistry I
ME 111 Workshop Practice I
NS 101 N S S
CS 101 Computer Programming and Utilization
PH 101 Physics I

Year/Semeser: 2006-07/2

Course Code Course Name
MA 104 Mathematics II
ME 112 Workshop Practice II
PH 102 Physics II
EE 152 Basic Electric Circuits
CH 116 Chemistry Lab II
CH 102 Chemistry II
PH 116 Physics Lab II
ME 118 Engineering Graphics and Drawing
NS 102 N S S
CS 152 Abstractions and Paradigms for Programming
CS 154 Programming Paradigms Laboratory

Year/Semeser: 2007-08/1

Course Code Course Name
CS 213 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 293 Data Structures and Alogrithms Lab
MA 203 Mathematics III
EE 261 Electronic Circuits Lab
PH 205 Physics III (Quantum Physics & Applications)
HS 203 Introduction to Psychology
CS 207 Discrete Structures

Year/Semeser: 2007-08/2

Course Code Course Name
CS 212 Electronics Design I
CS 292 Electronics Design Lab I
MA 212 Probability, Random Process and Statistical Inference
CS 298 Computer Organisation and Design Lab
CS 220 Computer Organisation and Design
HS 204 Introduction to English Literature
CS 296 Software Systems Lab
CS 206 Formal Methods in Computer Science

Year/Semeser: 2008-09/1

Course Code Course Name
CS 301 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
EE 609 Radiating Systems
CS 331 Theory of Computation
CS 347 Operating Systems
CS 377 Operating Systems Lab
CS 387 Database and Information Systems Lab
CS 317 Database and Information Systems
CS 389 Programming Languages Lab
CS 329 Principles of Programming Languages
CS 397 Works Visits

Year/Semeser: 2008-09/2

Course Code Course Name
CS 396 Seminar
CS 324 Language Processors
CS 719 Topics in Mathematical Foundations of Formal Verifications
CS 394 Language Processors Lab
CS 386 Artificial Intelligence Lab
CS 344 Artificial Intelligence
CS 348 Computer Networks
CS 378 Computer Networks Lab
CS 713 Special Topics in Automata and Logics

Year/Semeser: 2009-10/1

Course Code Course Name
CS 682 Software Engineering
HS 467 Indian Philosophy
CS 497 B.Tech. Project I
CS 618 Program Analysis
CS 388 Practical Training
ES 403 Environmental Studies
CS 435 Linear Optimization
MA 403 Real Analysis I

Year/Semeser: 2009-10/2

Course Code Course Name
CS 615 Formal Specification and Verification of Programs
CS 498 B.Tech.Project II
TD 602 Soil, Land Use, GIS and Agriculture
CS 715 Design and Implementation of Gnu Compiler Generation Framework
CS 408 Graph Theory