OS-9 Users Group WWW Page

Updated June 1, 1995

Welcome to our page on the world-wide web! Below are frequently asked questions about the OS-9 Users Group.

What is the OS-9 Users Group?

The OS-9 Users Group, Inc., is a non-profit organization established with the goals of:

What is OS-9?

OS-9 is a real-time, multitasking operating system designed by Microware Systems Corporation. For detailed information, see the OS-9 FAQ..

How do I contact the OS-9 Users Group?

The OS-9 Users Group address is: You can reach us via e-mail at: os9ug@sandv.chi.il.us

Here's a list of our current officers, as well as their e-mail addresses:

How much does membership cost?

Annual membership dues for members in the United States and Canada are only $25.00 US funds. Dues for members in other countries are $30.00 US funds. We accept personal checks or money orders.

Why should I join?

What is the MOTD Newsletter?

MOTD, or Message Of The Day, is the OS-9 Users Group Newsletter. It is published 4-6 times per year, and contains news of interest to members, as well as contacts, and several regular feature columns.

Features include the "President's Column", and "Straight From the Horse's Mouth", a regular column detailing OS-9's use in industrial, scientific and educational applications. "Introducing...", contains interviews with prominent members of the OS-9 community.

We welcome contributing editors to the pages of the MOTD. If you have an article you would like published, please e-mail it to the MOTD editor, or send it via U.S. Mail to our address.

Application for Membership

Below is the standard membership application. Simply fill it out and mail it in with your dues.

The OS-9 Users Group FAQ Page is maintained by Colin McKay. Updates, questions, and comments may be sent to him at cmckay@northx.isis.org.