This page describes my experiences and various codes I've written using APL on various vendors. Whatever tips or tricks I learn will be stored here as well.

Motivations for Learning APL

I have always been curious about APL and languages with iconographic characters. My interest rests in both a mental and visual compression of algorithms into tiny and succint descriptions which allow one to think about the algorithm being implemented, instead of the implementation itself. I'm still thinking about this idea and right now it is a little bit vauge. This is why I'm really learning APL. I want to see first hand how a language which did a little bit of this "abstraction compression"(for lack of a better term) is used.

Here is the collection of various APL programs I have made. Some of them have a "timeline" of evolution(or will at least) that will show the improvements I made as I learned the language(and from the people who frequent comp.lang.apl). I've just started, so this is a small list. I will try and create both a visual and textual representation of all of my programs, but sometimes you might find one or the other because I've forgotten, or some other reasons.

Depending upon the various vendor, the screenshots are of vim, or the various vendor's editor. Usually the inverted character is the vim cursor.

Various Programs in Soliton's SHARP SAX APL

Tips and tricks concerning APL.