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December 20, 2008 11:15 PM CST by psilord in category Apocryphal

Glowing Goodness

The thing about the internet is that noone cares. I mean, it is more uncaring than a sidewalk full of people walking over a dead body in their way. It is more uncaring than the person who stops only to take his wallet, and more so than the garbage man seriously considering just throwing it into his garbage truck and hauling it away, except his union contract doesn't stipulate biohazard waste removal so he leaves it for the next guy.

I love the internet for this reason. Noone will look at my stupid posts, noone will care, and noone should. I'd be scared if people did. Do I look important? If I did, you'd know about me and I wouldn't be a faceless Eliza program spewing drivel into the world. I do so because I'm fascinated that noone cares. It is like screaming for help in a department store and everyone walks past you in willful ignorance at worst or complete obliviousness at best. The wonderous ability of the internet is to allow one to fool themselves into believing they've achieved validation.

Anyway, here are some pumpkin pictures from Halloween 2008.

This first one is my wife's that she traced from a book.

Scary children

This second one is my own design, because I didn't like the ones in the book.


End of Line.

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