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July 14, 2009 10:36 PM CDT by psilord in category Useless Ideas

Bits and Pieces

Apparently, a while ago I had gotten very interested in the implementations of chess programs that used the bitboard representation. I stumbled across a pedagogical tome I had been writing about it and decided that it was filled with enough goodness--even though it is incomplete, that I should put it up.

If you happen to know about the bitboard representation for chess, drop me a line and if you can contribute various knowledge I need, I'll finish the pages. I'm at psilord@cs.wisc.edu.

You can find the chess pages here. The CSS is horked for them right now and it looks like a rotting weasel bloating in the sun. I'd say that I'm sorry, but I'd be lying. It is more a fact that the CSS for those pages was designed before the CSS for the blog and they don't play nice together yet. I'll maybe fix it in the future.

I'm putting my email address online you say? Well, it doesn't stop the several hundred pieces of spam I get each day without it being on the web anywhere, so who cares. Putting a human encrypted email address online these days in the hopes one won't get spam is the paragon of denial.

End of Line.

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