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February 1, 2011 4:28 PM CST by psilord in category Lisp

It's 1980 Baby!

Once again I've made extensive changes to Option-9. I've released version 0.7, which implements hit points, damage points, mines, new powerups, almost completely reorganizes the code. Most importantly it adds a visually cool new weapon called the Tesla Field Weapon. The one trick with that weapon is you need to collect 5 of the asterisk style powerups to see it in the full glory.

Take a look at the screen shot.

Screen shot of Option-9 Version 0.7

I've also once again updated the theory of operations document. At this point, I'm likely not going to hack on the game anymore, since I think I've extracted what I wanted to learn out of it. Also, the document is starting to get a little unwieldy, so I'm unlikely to update it for future revisions of the game, if any.

Check it out.

End of Line.

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