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March 13, 2011 1:26 AM CST by psilord in category Lisp

Tasks Whipped Stiff, Not Dry.

CL-MW Version 0.2 is now available!

CL-MW is a Master/Slave library to help author pleasantly parallel Common Lisp applications. It is batch scheduler friendly and has examples and documentation in its complete manual for interfacing with the Condor batch scheduler. CL-MW is designed to be very easy to use and will readily generate executables that do not require an installed lisp environment for easy executable distribution across clusters.

The major feature enhancement for version 0.2 is that basic support for the lambda list keywords &optional, &key, and &rest have been made available for task algorithms. A new example in the sources demonstrates the use.

CL-MW is currently only supported on SBCL at this time. I will accept patches for other CL environments.

CL-MW is a part of Quicklisp and can be installed thusly:

* (ql:quickload "cl-mw")

You can find CL-MW and see an example hello world application here.

May this software serve your needs.

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