Downloading and Installing

Compatibility and Versioning

CL-MW will be considered in beta until it reaches the 1.0 version number. During this phase, the APIs or feature sets of CL-MW may change in a non-compatible ways with previous versions of CL-MW. Such compatibility or feature changes will be detailed in the version history section of this document located in appendix B on page [*].

Supported Implementations

CL-MW is currently supported on/with:

Official Release Tarballs

This web page contains all official releases of CL-MW in addition to a live git repository of the HEAD of CL-MW.

Manuals in PDF and HTML forms corresponding to each release exist next to the release tarball.

Installation Using a Tarball

  1. Unpack the tarball, e.g., tar zxf cl-mw-0.1.tar.gz.
  2. Configure SBCL to know about the *.asd files. This may entail making symlinks in your $HOME/.sbcl/systems (or appropriate) directory to the *.asd files in the CL-MW directory.
  3. In the unpacked CL-MW directory:

Peter Keller 2012-03-27