Susan Horwitz


Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin
1210 W. Dayton St.
Madison, WI 53706-1685

telephone: (608) 262-1204
fax: (608) 262-9777
Ph.D., Cornell University, 1985
Interests: Software development environments; language-based tools; program slicing, differencing, and merging; static analysis of programs; pointer analysis.

Research Summary

I am interested in the design and implementation of language-specific tools to alleviate the problems associated with developing and maintaining software. Much of my work has been on the use of program dependence graphs and program slicing in this context. In particular, program dependence graphs and slicing can be used to help programmers understand existing programs, to show the effects of proposed changes, to show differences between versions of programs, to retest a program after a modification, and to create new programs from old ones.

Recently, I have worked on new techniques for dataflow analysis, especially for analyzing the use of pointers in languages like C.

Sample Recent Publications

Using static single assignment form to improve flow-insensitive pointer analysis (with R. Hasti), Proceedings of the SIGPLAN '98 Conference on Program Language Design and Implementation, June 1998.

The effects of the precision of pointer analysis (with M. Shapiro), Static Analysis Fourth Intl Symposium, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol 1302, September 1997.

Fast and accurate flow-insensitive points-to analysis (with M. Shapiro), Conference Record of the 24th ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, January 1997.

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