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Two ways to sustain laziness,

  1. Get all the help you can.
  2. Become super-efficient at what you do, finish early and go to sleep.
On that note, this page provides references to tips/tricks for making the daily coding, TEXing, scripting jobs a lot easier.


  1. Vim-Latex : If Vim is your favorite editor, then Vim-Latex is a must-have for all the TEXing needs. It is a vim-plugin that has a complete set of macros for entering LaTex structs by typing a few characters, all the time being in the "Insert" mode in Vim. These macros can also be customized for your ease. Other cool features are the auto-complete of labels and citations, being able to compile (multiple, with bibtex) projects as a whole from the editor. If you are an emacs user, there should be something similar. Find it, use it.

  2. grffile : "\includegraphics" command cribs if you have more than one dot(period) in the filename. Include the "grffile" package in your document to avoid it. Can come in very handy when your image files are auto-generated.
  1. Tmux: If you work on a remote machine running linux, then you will constantly have to face the issue of having to start from scratch every time to SSH into the machine. Tmux and Screen are two terminal emulators, that preserve your working environment even if SSH connections gets interrupted. You can always log back in and attach to you previous terminals. Screen is good, but Tmux is way better. Use it and find out.