My research broadly focusses on challenges that arise in large-scale statistical inference problems.These challenges are espeically motivated by problems in systems biology and neuroscience. Existing methods for solving problems typically suffer from both statistical and computational limitations. I focus on developing methods that address these statistical and computational challenges which leads to: (1) novel algorithms and theoretical insights; (2) potentially novel insights in both systems biology and neuroscience. A list of my publications may be found here. Thank you to the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Geospatial Agency (NGA), and Army Research Office (ARO) for generously providing research funding.

Current Students

  • Hyebin Song (PhD)
  • Lili Zheng (PhD)
  • Chengning Zhang (PhD)
  • Sam Berglin (Sophmore Undergrad)
  • Yuan Ma (Sophmore Undergrad)
  • Former Students

  • Gunwoong Park (Assistant Professor, University of Korea)
  • Han Chen (co-advisor, Wells Fargo)
  • Yuan Li (Morgan Stanley) (PhD)
  • Teaching

  • Stat 309 Introduction to Probability (Fall '13, '14, '15, '17 Spring '14, '16)
  • Stat 609 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (Fall '17)
  • Stat 992 Graphical Models (Spring '15)
  • Stat 679 Introduction to Graphical Models (Fall '15)
  • Teaching award: Honored Instructor (Spring '14, Fall '17)
  • Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence Fellow (Fall '15)