Building a Brain:
A Systems Approach
Where Neuroscience Meets Computer Systems (Timetable)
Recent advances in computing power as well as our understanding of the human neocortex have pushed us to the brink of one of the most exciting leaps in the history of science and engineering: it may soon be possible to build a brain.
In this seminar, we will examine the state of the art of the neocortex, exploring the challenge of building a computerized brain from both software and hardware perspectives.  Much of our initial effort will revolve around Jeff Hawkins' book, "On Intelligence", and the software his company, Numenta, has been developing. The course will be hands on, as we will explore the use of Numenta software as well as the development of our own in student-led research projects.
We will read papers from both the fields of neuroscience and computer systems, with the goal of building neocortically-inspired memory and storage systems. Through such reading, we seek to understand the brain, including its basic machinery and general properties, and apply such knowledge to the construction of a new generation of computer systems.
More information about the class is available through the Class Wiki.
Prerequisites: Consent of the Instructor (send email).
What: Computer Sciences 838 (Section 2)
When: 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. (NEW TIME) every Tuesday (Fall ’07 Semester)
Where: Mechanical Engineering, Room 1143
Who: Professor Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau (remzi AT
Why: Fame, Glory, or It Fits Into Your Schedule