Handouts are related to things we've done in class. If the file is of type .tgz (e.g., foo.tgz is the file name), that means you should run tar xvzf foo.tgz to unpack the contents.

09/04: Intro code

09/06: Code from Lecture 2/3 (Intro to C)

09/11: See above

09/13: Code from Lecture 4 (Bits and Bytes)

09/18: x86 regs and practice from Lecture 5 (Data Movement)

09/25: x86 cheat sheet

09/27: x86 cheat sheet - Arithmetic - Logical - Comparison - Looping

10/04: x86 Call/Return

11/29: Lecture on Sockets: Video 1 2 and Code

12/04: Lecture on Web: Code