Old Notes

11/21: Tuesday's lecture is cancelled! Sorry for the late notice.

11/18: RAID lecture is now available.

11/15: For lecture on Tuesday 11/29, we will be discussing FFS. You should read this paper ( PS PDF ) ahead of time!

11/15: A sample solution set for the midterm exam is available.

11/15: Remzi's office hours moved to 4-5pm tomorrow (one time only).

11/15: You may be interested in reading more about disks (the discussion in the textbooks is not very good). If so, there are three different relevant papers:
An Introduction to Disk Drive Modeling (a good general overview of disks, written in 1994)
You Don't Know Jack about Disks (contains more currrent details, as written in 2003)
More than an interface SCSI vs. ATA (compares the two interfaces and talks about general trends).

11/15: From discussion: GDB and Purify examples (in tar format). Download into a file called gdb.tar in some directory and type 'tar xvf gdb.tar' to see what's in there. A file called README gives a little more information about the discussion.

11/10: From discussion today: Make examples (in tar format). Download into a file called make.tar (or whatever) and then type 'tar xvf make.tar' in a directory where you want the examples to show up.

11/9: Change in Thursday Discussion Location! Old location: 121 Psychology. New location: 1289 Computer Sciences.

11/7: From discussion today: Simple list Basic context switching code More advanced switching Add yielding

11/6: If you want more information about page replacement policies in existing systems, you can take a look at this research paper.

11/4: Project 3 is now available.

10/7: Two practice exams are available for the midterm. I will go over this first practice exam in a review session. Here is another practice exam with solutions .

9/29: Project 2 is now available.

9/16: Some project clarifications are now available here.

9/8: Project 1 is now available.

9/6: The home page is up!