Older Notes

12/16: Solutions to the old final here.
12/16: Virtual machine notes available here.
12/15: Exam review tonight at 7pm in 1221.
12/15: Google notes available here.
12/14: AFS and LFS notes available here.
12/14: I found one more old exam.
12/4: No discussion today. I will hold office hours both at the normal
time and during discussion though.
11/30: Midterm solutions are finally available.
11/25: P6. Last one!
11/24: RAID notes available here. Related: Sounds of disks failing.
11/18: NFS notes available here. Enjoy!
11/13: No discussion today. Instedad, office hours.
11/10: A fun book about semaphores. Enjoy it! (or not).
11/05: P5 is now available.
10/27: No class tomorrow! (10/28) Reason? OS Fatigue.
10/22: P4 is now available.
10/19: A couple of solution guides: here and here
10/16: Review session: SUNDAY at 6pm in 1325 CS.
10/14: Practice exams: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Of course, some questions are not apropos (i.e., we haven't
covered threads or synchronization yet).
10/12: Some tips on P3 pointers from Haryadi. Read it!
10/9: News on P2 and regrading it here.
10/7: A hard disk drive in action (see video)
10/3: P3 is now available here.
9/30: P2 deadline has been extended to Thursday 10/2 by 9pm.
9/29: A note on Academic Misconduct. Please read!
9/23: No extra discussion today.
9/19: New discussion videos available here. Note: I added a few extra videos to wrap-up the discussion, as well as to discuss dup2().
9/18: The P1 grade distribution is now available here.
9/16: Alas, Project 2 is now available.
9/16: No extra discussion class today. See you in lecture!
9/12: Video from yesterday's discussion here.
9/10: A few sample inputs are available here. Read the README for details.
9/9: Check out the discussion page for screencasts of what happened in discussion. Enjoy!
9/8: Class has been moved. Lectures in 1325 Computer Sciences, and discussions in 2317 Engineering.
9/8: Some lecture notes are now available in the schedule to the right. They are just my handwritten notes on what to talk about.
9/6: Notes from Discussion (brought to you by H. Gunawi). Coming soon: Lecture notes too.
9/2: Project 1 is now available.
For the first day of class, your task is to show up. It gets harder from there.