This page will contain a log of all notes posted on the main page.

url Assignment 5 is now available.
4/7: Both class and discussion on Tuesday April 10 are cancelled.
4/3: Project #4 is now available!
4/3: The Exam solutions are available (at last!)
3/26: The Project #1 distribution is now available.
3/21: The Midterm distribution is now available.
3/6: Project #3 is now available!
3/5: The closed-book, closed-note exam takes place thursday, 3/8, in class.
3/5: By popular demand, one 8.5"x11" cheat sheet is allowed for the exam (both sides can be used).
2/27: Signup for a demo slot for P#2.
2/27: No discussion today -- just an extra office hour.
2/13: Project #2 is now available! You may find this program useful for testing.
2/13: A short overview of the C programming environment is now available too.
2/9: Solution to Project #1 ( C and Java )
2/2: Haijun Cao is no longer a TA for 537
1/24: Project #1 is now available.
1/24: The waitlist is now closed.
1/23: No discussion section at 2:30 today.