Discussion: Highlights


01/22: C Overview. Covered some simple stuff about C.

Associated files can be found here. In particular, start with the README file, and feel free to look at the other remnants of discussion.

01/29: More C Tricks. Pointers, Arrays, other fun stuff.

02/05: The Shell. Shells, Fork, exec, redirection, etc.

02/05: More Shell Fun. Some of the same as last time.

Note: Some of the files are in last week's discussion folder (above). Also note that one thing I forget to do in the lecture was to show you how to properly use a umask. When you set your umask to 027, as mine was set to, even if I try to create a file with the 'other' permissions set to 7 (rwx) it will not work; the umask is thus a way to ensure you never accidentally create a file with more permissions than you would like. Type umask 0 at the command line and then run main to create a file with permissions ------rwx (which is thus readable and writeable by everyone).