New feature: Handouts reflect problems we have solved together in class. So far, there are not too many (but maybe that will change).

Here are some links to handouts that you may have received in class.


01/19: Intro Lecture: Class code examples - cpu.c, mem.c, io.c, README, and a dtrace script

02/09: Paging Lecture: Translation example

03/09: Intro to Threads Lecture: main1.c main2.c

03/11 Locks w/ Hardware Support: template.c - bad-test-and-set.c - flag.c - test-and-set.c - use-test-and-set.c - load-linked.c - load-linked-use.c

03/16: Locks w/ OS Support: spin.c - yield.c - park-without-guard.c - park.c

03/16: Condition Variables: main-join-begin.c main-join-spin.c main-join.c