Project 5: File Systems

Important Dates

Questions about the project? Send them to .

Due: Friday 05/13 by whenever.


There are two parts to this project:

Click on the above links to learn more about what you should do. READ EACH CAREFULLY!

NOTE: For part B, definitely start with this kernel: ~cs537-1/ta/xv6/xv6.fspatch.tar.gz


This project, like all others this semester, can be done with a single partner. Copying code (from other groups) is considered cheating. Read this for more info on what is OK and what is not!

Handing It In

The handin directory is ~cs537-1/handin/login/p5 where login is your login.

For the C/Linux part of this project, you should copy whatever is needed to build the checker (including a makefile) into the linux/ subdirectory.

For the xv6 part of the project, copy all of your source files (but not .o files, please, or binaries!) into the xv6/ subdirectory of your p5 directory. A simple way to do this is to copy everything into the destination directory directory, then type make to make sure it builds, and then type make clean to remove unneeded files.

Finally, into your p5 directory, please include a README file. In there, describe what you did a little bit.

If you have a partner, please create a file called partner.login under the p5 directory that contains only your partner's CS login (and nothing else). Both partners should create the partner.login file, but only one partner should submit code.