This page will contain a log of all notes posted on the main page.

12/12: The second midterm is available here in PS and PDF.
12/09: The Call For Papers (CFP) is available here.
12/04: The project presentation sign-up sheet is now available! A description of the presentation assignment can be found here
11/28: Classes on 11/28 and 11/30 will be at 5:15 in 1257.
11/16: Exam solutions are available here
11/09: Pick up your exams from Jonathan the TA in CS 1338.
10/16: There will be an exam review session at 5pm-6pm in 2310 CS on Tuesday, October 17th.
10/16: Assignment #2 is now available.
10/13: Last year's midterm is now available online here
09/28: Assignment #1 is available (due 10/06).
09/26: A schedule office hour from 2:15 to 3:15 now exists on Thursday - other times can be arranged via appointment.
09/26: The project list is now available!
09/26: The reading schedule has changed again!
09/19: The reading schedule (below) has changed.
09/12: Assignment #0 is due Thursday!
09/05: Class begins today.
08/28: The web page is still up.