Assignment #2: Project Proposal

Due Date: 10/17/2000

The proposal should be one to two pages in length, with a clear description of the problem, as well as a plan of attack. What are the first steps? What are the major anticipated stumbling blocks? How will you divide the work among your group? You need to be as specific as you can be - in particular, what kind of software/hardware resources will you need? Before these are turned in, each group will need to meet with me in order to discuss the project. I will add some extra office hours to facilitate this once I am back from ASPLOS.

Important parts:
Group members
Basic problem
Research issues
Who is in the group of two (or is it just you)?
What you are trying to solve/look into?
What is "research" versus what is just necessary grunt work?
What are the major accomplishments along the way?
When will each milestone be finished?
Important: How you will evaluate what you've done?

Make sure to check out the main class page for important dates related to the project.