Old Notes

12/13: One more note: Final exam will take place on Monday, 7-9pm, in 1263 CS. See you there!

Last note: Thanks for a fun semester!

12/12: Here is the Presentation Schedule for tomorrow. Presentations will be held in 1304 CS.

12/12: Here is the final assignment, the Call For Papers (i.e., details about the final write-up).

11/25: Here are some important dates:

Final Status Meeting: Any office hour before Friday, December 6
Final Presentations: Friday, December 13
Final Exam: Monday, December 16, 7 pm
Final Write-up: Friday, December 20

12/11: The Presentation sign-up sheet is now available.

12/9: Assignment #5 (Project Presentation) is now available.

12/2: Assignment #4 (Status Meeting #2) is now available.

11/11: Use this form to sign up for your project status meeting.

11/6: Class on 11/7 is cancelled!

11/4: Assignment #3 (project status meeting), due the week of 11/11, is now available.

10/31: Click on this form to see your grades, and click here to see the midterm grade distribution.

10/29: Note the order of papers has changed again! (Measurements for thursday, I/O Lite on next tuesday)

10/24: Note that the order of papers has changed slightly (Coda for next tuesday, I/O Lite for thursday)

10/19: During the review session, we went over this set of practice questions.

10/17: Midterm Exam: Monday the 21st at 7-9 pm (1325 CS)

10/17: Exam review: Saturday the 19th at 9am (1325 CS)

10/16: An example midterm is now available for your perusal. Note that it probably doesn't cover the exact same papers as the one we are having will.

10/14: The Reading Questions are now in reverse (most-recent to least-recent) order, for your shopping convenience.

10/06: Assignment 2 and the Project List is now available.

09/25: Wednesday office hours have been moved to 3-4pm.

09/17: Please note the schedule change below.

09/17: Office hours for Friday (9/20) are cancelled (I will be out of town).

09/16: The Warm-up Project (assignment #1) is now available.

09/06: Those who have sent me email with their student IDs should now be able to register for class. Please do so!

09/04: NOTE: For all those who want to be registered for the class, and currently are NOT, please send me your name and student ID number.

09/04: All CS and ECE graduate students who signed up on the list on Tuesday will be allowed into the class. If you are not in that group, please contact me about the possibility of getting into class, which will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

09/03: Those interested in "systems" as a research area may wish to check out CS-838. Not only should the content be interesting, I can highly recommend the professor.

09/03: Your first reading assignment is due Thursday (9/5) -- make sure to read the papers, meet with your reading group, answer the question via email, and come to class prepared!

08/29: Notes about class will go here. Make sure to check this page somewhat often (although if it's really important, it'll be sent out as mail too).