Old Notes

12/5: Exam review will be held tomorrow (12/6), at the ungodly hour of 8:30am in 1325 CS.

12/2: Class cancelled for wednesday. See you friday!

12/2: Due to popular demand, final exam will be on both Monday 12/8 and Monday 12/15 -- pick your poison!

12/1: Assignment #3 is now available.

11/21: Some dates: Final Exam on 12/8 (Monday), Project presentations on 12/12 (Friday), and Project write-up on 12/19 (Friday)

11/16: The reading list has changed slightly, although the Coda paper is still on for Monday. Also, there is only one write-up due this week, for wednesday (although two other questions are listed).

11/5: Today's class is cancelled. Read NFS and AFS for friday.

11/3: Assignment 2 is now available

10/28: The Midterm is now available ( PS or PDF ).

10/23: Class tomorrow will be held in 2310, and we will be hearing a special lecture on debugging black box systems. More info on that can be found here

10/22: Survey results

10/14: Assignment 1 is now available.

10/14: The project list is now available.

10/3: No class Monday (see you Wednesday)

9/25: Friday (9/26) class is cancelled. See you monday!

9/22: Both reading questions for the week have been posted here. Please answer the right one!

9/15: Note there is no class today. See you Wednesday in 2321 Engineering.

9/10: Both the final exam (on or before 12/12) and project due date (12/19) have been set.

9/10: If you have tried to register for class and still can't, please let me know.

9/5: If you want to register for class (and can't), you must send me your name and student ID number.

8/28: The web page lives!

8/28: Old notes will go here.