Big Systems Technical Program

Session 1: Efficient Writes
Range Writes: The Original
Zhenxiao Luo

Fast Log Writes using Disk Mimic
Ashok Anand and Sayandeep Sen

Range Writes 2: Range Harder
Rokas Venckevicius and Mayank Maheshwari

Session 2: Understanding ZFS
Corrupting ZFS
Asim Kadav and Abhishek Rajimwale

Untangling ZFS Performance
Swami Sundararaman and Sriram Subramanian

Deconstructing ZFS RAID
Brian Hickmann and Kynan Shook

Session 3: The Future of File Systems
File System Scalability
Jianming Wu

Shining the Spotlight on Spotlight
Rini Kaushik

Static Analysis of File Systems
Cindy Rubio-Gonzalez

Session 4: Networking, Databases, Architecture
Lottery meets Wireless
Sharad Saha and Shravan Rayanchu

Corrupting DBMSs
Josh Woleben and Adeel Pervez

Cache-Footprint-based Scheduling
Gwen Stockman and Marc DeKruijf

Congratulations to all the winners! Prize for each winner: a free VMware T-shirt! First come, first served. Seriously, I have about 20 in my office. Come get one!