Old Notes

12/17: Assignment #4 (Project Writeup) is finally available!
12/13: The final presentation schedule is now available.
12/11: Project presentations will be held in 4310 CS.
12/7: The final exam will be held Monday, 12/10 in 1263 CS at 7:15pm. You can use your old cheatsheet and a new one, or just make two new ones. Also, it is comprehensive (but perhaps weighted a little more towards more recent material).
12/7: Assignment #3 (Project Presentation) is now available.
11/15: Informal next assignment: meet with me next tuesday (11/20) to tell me what you have been up to on your projects.
11/15: No class monday, but we will discuss both NFS and AFS next wednesday.
11/12: For those who still have to meet with me for assignment 2: I will be available this afternoon (some) and tomorrow (until 2pm or so).
11/12: The reading questions have finally been updated.
11/5: Assignment 2 is now available. Basically, you must meet with me either tomorrow (tuesday, 11/6) or next monday (11/12) to discuss the status of your project. This is a part of your grade! I am free Tuesday 11/6 before 2pm and Monday 11/12 after 1:30pm. A short meeting is all that is required, to tell me what you have been reading (as related to your project) as well as what you have been doing.
11/5: The exam distribution is now available.
11/2: Note change in schedule; class will be held on Monday, and then I am out of town for W and F. The following week, we will have class M, W, and F. Sorry!
10/26: The exam will be held Monday night in 1325 at 7:15pm.
10/26: The review session will be held Monday in 1257 at 12pm-1pm.
10/26: You wanted some practice exams. Here they are: '02 '03 '05. Enjoy!
10/26: Assignment #1 is now available.
10/26: The Project List is now available.
10/23: No reading questions this week -- time to start getting ready for the exam! Of course, we will still have class, and you are still expected to read the papers before class...
10/19: The final exam has been scheduled for Monday, 12/10 at 7pm.
10/19: The final project will be due Monday, 12/17. After that, you are all done! (more details on projects soon)
10/5: If you want to read a little more about how journaling file systems work, please check out this paper (in particular, Section 3.1, though the rest of the paper explains more details).
09/27: Some people asked for example answers to questions. Remember, there is usually no "right" answer; rather there are many ways to give good answers (well reasoned, well organized, etc.). Here is a good answer to reading question 1.
09/23: You should have received grades for the first three writeups by now; let me know if you didn't.
09/23: A note about grades for writeups: if you get a 3 or a 4, please don't worry about it, that is good. If you get a 2 or less, worry about it some, and try to do better.
09/23: Wednesday's class will be taught by Professor Mike Swift, an expert in all things Nooks.
09/04: Assignment 0 is available (due 9/14)

09/04: Various items about class will show up here -- so read the web page periodically.