CS-736: Old News

11/22: Midterm solutions
11/16: Midterm grade distribution
10/27: Class moved to friday
10/25: Exam: 7:15pm-9:15pm in 1325 CS
10/25: Review session: 11am (in class)
10/22: Old exams
10/05: Come to class Friday for ZFS guest lecture
10/05: Watch the IRON FS video instead of class Wednesday
09/27: No class monday - see you Wed
09/23: Friday class postponed due to Zeldovich talk
09/20: How to read papers?
09/16: Homework 2
09/16: Office hours updated (above)
09/14: No class Friday either
09/12: No class monday: See you Wed to discuss FFS
09/10: Class Monday! Questions Due!
09/09: You should be able to register for class now
09/08: Remember to do this!
09/03: Come to class