05/02: The final project call-for-papers is available here!

04/02: Assignment 2 and Assignment 3

03/20: Class resumes on Wednesday, March 22.

02/21: A project resources page has been added. This will evolve over time to hopefully include an increasing number of useful links.

02/11: Some (ok, one) new project has been added to the list.

02/09: Assignment #1: Due: Wednesday, February 23rd. Unfortunately, the project proposal is now due in two weeks.

02/09: The midterm exam will be on Wednesday, March 8th. More details will be available soon as to the coverage, etc.

02/09: The project list is available here.

02/08: Assignment #0: Due: Monday, February 14th. Get a digitial picture of yourself.

02/04: Please send me a list of members in your reading group!! (if you haven't already)

02/01: I have made my personal notes on papers we have covered in class available for your perusal. See the reading list for links.

01/26: The Hydra paper is available outside of my door.
NOTE: All positives/negatives in your write-ups must be on the ideas presented in the paper, not on the presentation of the material!

01/23: Enrollment: If you are not currently enrolled and want to be, send me ( remzi@cs ) an email. My policy is to let CS majors into the course, but please send email before enrolling. For those getting a second masters in CS, I am sorry, but the class is already too full. Better luck next term!

01/25: Make sure to (1) read both papers for Wednesday, and (2) form a reading group, and send me email informing me of who is in your group. (Note: It is OK if you don't have a group until the end of this week). Yes, you are supposed to write-up both papers (though remember to keep it short).