Assignment #2: Project Proposal

Due Date: 3/10/2005

The proposal should be one to two pages in length, with a clear description of the problem, as well as a plan of attack. What are the first steps? What are the major anticipated stumbling blocks? How will you divide the work among your group? You need to be as specific as you can be - in particular, what kind of software/hardware resources will you need?

Important: Before these are turned in, each group will need to meet with me (at least once) in order to discuss the project (I will make a sign up sheet or you can just send mail to make an appointment).

The project list is available here.

Important parts to make sure to include in your written proposal:

Group members: Who is participating in this project? There should be two people for each project. You need special permission to work alone, and it is absolutely forbidden to work in groups of three or more.
Basic problem: What you are trying to solve/look into? Which aspects of the problem interest you? Which things are worth solving by someone (but perhaps not by you)? And so forth.
Methodology: How are you going to go about doing the project? Are you going to build something, measure something, both? What kinds of resources do you need? What are the hurdles and stumbling blocks you see in your way? Hugely important: How will you evaluate what you have done?
Milestones and Timeline: What are the major milestones that you will reach, and when do you think you will reach them? Projects will be due around the last day of classes, so please take that into account in your timeline planning.