Conference on Reliable Awesome Projects (no acronyms please) : Tech Sessions

Session 1: Security in a Flash
Slicing Intruders
Matt Fredrikson

Flash Drives: Data Matters
Yupu Zhang and Chong Sun

Session 2: Files and Storage
Singularity ext2
Scott Finley

Towards Automatic RAID
Bryan Vuong and Yiying Zhang

Session 3: Emulation, meet Virtualization
Theo Benson and Steve Kappes

Flash Emulation
Eric Aderhold and Blayne Field

Session 4: File Systems, PL, and File Systems meets PL
Range Writes
Andrew Krioukov

Auto-Labeling for Fun and Profit
Matt Elder and Bill Harris

Towards Automatic File Systems
Kanchan Damle

Session 5: Last Session
Scalability in Linux ext2
Yancan Huang and Guoliang Jin

Flash Drives (Us Crazy)
Chris Hinrichs and Joshua Yanchar

Content-Addressable Storage for DBMS's
Vandhana Selvaprakash and Brandon Smith