Old Notes

5/9: A sign-up sheet for projects is available outside my door.
5/5: Exam tonight at 7:15pm in 1325 CS.
5/4: Finally, some solutions to the old midterm here.
5/3: Practice exams here here and here.
4/21: No class wednesday. Come friday to hear a talk, though. And work on your projects!
4/18: No class today. See you monday instead. Work on your projects, of course!
4/5: The exam distribution is now available.
4/1: The wrong reading questions was up. It has now been fixed. Sorry!
3/26: Assignment #2: Project Proposal Meeting is available.
3/26: Finally available: the project list.
3/26: Due to visit day, Friday class is moved to Monday of next week. Sorry!
3/12: Exam tonight at 7:15pm in 1263 CS.
3/11: IRON talk slides available here (quicktime format) and here (powerpoint).
3/9: Practice exams are available here here here and here.
3/4: No reading questions this week; however, PLEASE read the papers carefully before class.
2/29: Late Notice: No class today; we will now hold it on Monday.
2/13: Schedule change: No class Friday; we will now hold it on Monday.
2/06: Assignment #1 is now available.
2/06: You should have received some kind of response/grade from me for your first two reading assignments by now.
1/28: Assignment #0 is now available.