Old Notes

4/23: For Friday (4/25), read Byzantine Generals

4/14: This week's reading is now set. Note: We will meet on Mondays from now on (to discuss the project) unless otherwise informed.

3/23: The reading for wednesday is now available.

3/3: For Friday (3/7), we will be having a special seminar on Active Disks by Erik Riedel and Dave Anderson from Seagate. Reading for that day can be found here.

3/3: Readings for Wednesday (3/5) are available below in the schedule and on the Reading List

3/1: Please also send mail to me containing your vote for one of the following: you have to present once by yourself, or twice with someone else.

2/28: For the next part of course, students will be leading discussion. To facilitate this, looking on the Reading List for papers from IPTPS or a few other sources, or suggest your own. Important: send three or four papers that you'd be interested in presenting to the class to me by Sunday, March 2. I will then make a schedule of the papers we will cover.

2/21: No class today. See you next wednesday.

2/17: Remember, extra class today!

2/12: Class is cancelled today. We will discuss FARSITE on friday, and then have an extra class on Monday to make up for lost time.

1/30: The class will now be held in 130 Psychology.

1/20: The class homepage is now available.