12/7: The final project is due on Friday, December 21, in the form of a presentation. If you wish to also turn in a write-up of some kind, that would be ok (e.g., additional graphs plus analysis). More details about the presentation format are forthcoming.

11/28: Next week there will be an extra class. Come prepared to speak 5 or 10 minutes about what you are doing for your project. 303 Educational Science at 1:00-2:15pm. Note that there will still be class at the regular time.

11/14: The projects list has been embellished to note which projects people have settled upon. The way this is denoted is with a parenthetical comment by the project title.

11/7: The Project list is now available.

10/2: The Mini-project assignment is now available.

09/18: The Cheap PC results are in!

09/18: The IP or not IP poll results are in!

09/18: Class starts late today, at 2:45.

09/10: Assignment #0 is now available.

09/06: The schedule is available below.

09/04: For Thursday 9/6, please read papers 2 and 3 on the reading list. It is assumed that you have read paper 1 at some time in your life, and remember the important details.

08/27: Course web page is up! Look here for class news -- I will not use the newsgroup for class news (but may occasionally use mail to the class).