Submissions to POPL '00

Sorry, but the submission deadline for POPL '00 has passed. Information about the conference program is scheduled to be available on the web at the end of September. We hope you will be able to attend the conference.

Please do not ask to submit your paper by e-mail. The submission process is closed, and all such requests are being responded to by the following message:

I'm terribly sorry, but I cannot accept your submission for
consideration for POPL '00.  As announced on the web page, the
deadline was 6:00 AM CDT (= 11:00 AM UTC), and this deadline was

The bidding process by the PC for which papers to review has already
begun (over the web); this was something I arranged in advance with
them, as it is difficult to coordinate 13 people scattered all over
the world.

Although I did accept a few papers for consideration that arrived
slightly after the deadline, I have turned down all such requests
after the bidding started.

I'm sure you will find another venue for your submission.


Please consider submitting a paper to POPL '01. The conference co-chairs for POPL '01 are David Schmidt (Kansas State, schmidt at and Chris Hankin (Imperial College, clh at The program chair for POPL '01 is Hanne Riis Nielson (Aarhus Univ., hrn at