Riccardo Mutschlechner

Hey, I'm Ricky! I finished my MS in Computer Sciences in May 2017 - focusing on systems / distributed systems, and security. I'm currently at Riot Games as of July 2017. To get in touch with me there, my email address is: r...@riotgames.com

To get in touch with me for anything non-Riot related, my personal email is: r...@gmail.com

I spent Summer 2016 at Riot Games (creators of League of Legends) as a Software Engineering Intern in Los Angeles, CA. I helped work on some internal tools to facilitate creating new regions of League of Legends in a much easier and automated fashion. I primarily worked with Go and Docker.

I spent Summer 2015 as a Security Software Engineer Intern at Visa at their HQ in Foster City, CA. I worked on the Platform Engineering team to help solidify their crypto services, as well as other tools that helped increase productivity across all of Visa.

Here's some quick stuff below, but you can learn more about me in the tabs to the left.

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  • If you're interested, read my answers on stackoverflow! I'm a fairly active contributor, and in the top 15% of contributors overall! As I said, I love helping others.
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