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I was walking down Bascom hill the other day, envious of the discussions/lectures being held outside. Then I thought, "Wait! I'm the one in the front of the classroom!" So here's the result of my discussion sections in front of Zoology (no less): (4/16/04)

All the way down the sidewalk... Is this not some of the prettiest code you've seen?!?

The Kinne's and I celebrated Easter dinner together. (4/11/04)

I made potato salad with all the eggs we dyed yesterday. The small container is especially for Jeff. Pictures of the actual event are forthcoming...
I held an impromptu Easter Egg Dying party on Holy Saturday. (4/10/04)

Here are our favorites. Which one is different?

This requires concentration! Who started mixing colors first?!?!

Posing with the eggs. What's wrong with that egg Jeff? (see the potato salad above)

My friend Jackie came up from KC to extend Spring Break! (3/23/04)

We went to the zoo...
Charge!!!!! Head-butt!!!!! Hey--look at that ball over there!!!!!

We also found a nice chair to relax.

My parents came up this weekend too! (3/19-21/04)

Practicing on a "new" silver Conn in 3310, a conference room in the CS building. Enjoying Starbucks at the Rathskeller since the Babcock ice cream store was closed.
Killing time before dinner.
Good German fare and bier!
Posing for a picture in front of the new (as in I'm still hearing them hammer on the side of the building as I type) facade of my apartment. See ya'll in May!

Chicago on a day trip during "Spring" Break. (3/18/04) more coming soon...

Smiling for the camera with Doug at Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. It's quite a bit cooler than the last time I was here! Good thing we were wearing long johns...
The Tiffany ceiling at the library/culture center in downtown Chicago. Doug and Aparna are stading in front of a cellist along with a piano accompanist.

Baking day! Communion bread for the 11:15 mass this Sunday along with Mom's favorite cookies: oatmeal raisin. (3/17/04)

Check out the cookies that my friend Becky sent me! Hey--what happened to that chocolate chip cookie?!? (2/18/04)

The aftermath of my Valentine's evening. The theme was chocolate: chocolate swirl pumpkin cheesecake, brownies, and truffles (thanks, Devon and Jeff!). FYI: those aren't peanut butter cookies in the container (thanks Hetal!). Yum! (2/14/04)

Here's the icicle outside my window. It is actually snowing pretty hard in the picture, but the camera didn't pick up the movement. You can see some sizeable flakes on the right side on the brick. (2/10/04)

Madison at the Kites on Ice out on Lake Mendota! (2/7/04)

Here's a group of grad students having a good time in the snow! (2/6/04)

Rockhurst's (my alma mater) new baseball field. (12/29/03)