My projects - this is obviously incomplete but it has some cool stuff... let me know if you see any bugs or anything. -Rob


I recently took an interest in lemniscates because they're like infinity symbols or something - here are some screenshots: yes, I know it's running under windows - I haven't taken any at home, that's all... The source is available, and that package includes a binary (sorry for the size). The binary is linked with Mesa in /usr/local/lib so if your mesa (or openGL) isn't there you'll have to recompile it, which means you'll need fltk ( It's a nice library so don't stress :). And here is the windows executable. Don't expect any icons, menubars, tooltips, or context-sensitive help! Also, I'm not really sure if I'm allowed to release it so don't go spreading it around... :)

Roller Coasters

My third (final) project in my graphics course this semester was TrainMaker. It's a roller-coaster/train track designing and fun-playing-with program. It should compile under Solaris, Linux, and NT with no problems (damn I'm good). The precompiled linux binary is linked without texture-mapping support (through ImageMagick) but you can enable it (though it's broken) by recompiling... The source and linux binary are here. And I also have an NT executable.