I’m Rob Kennedy. I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science from UW–Madison, and I’m working on a master’s degree in the same field at UW–Milwaukee. I participate in numerous Delphi-related mailing lists and newsgroups, listed below.

My interests lie in compiler and language issues, the Windows API, and threading. I have made minor contributions to the JCL, most notably the JclWideFormat unit, which provides SysUtils.Format functionality to WideString values in Delphi 5 and enhanced WideFormat options for later Delphi versions.

The site’s appearance

If you find that this site looks blasé, it might be because you’re using Internet Explorer. Try as I might, I was unable to make it interpret the stylesheets the way Opera and Mozilla-based browsers do, and so rather than fight its bugs any further, I chose to deny IE any stylesheets at all. All the textual content is available nonetheless.

If you’re not using Internet Explorer, and the site still has what appear to be obvious layout or coloring problems, then I want to know about it. You can tell me via the feedback page. If it would help you describe the problem, please include a link to a screenshot, as I have only limited resources for testing the site myself.